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Janessa graduated with a Degree in Bachelor of Commerce (Co-Op) and focused her studies on Human Resources and Labour Relations. She is a Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR) and currently a member with Chartered Professionals in Human Resources Newfoundland and Labrador.

Janessa has more than 6 years’ experience in a Human Resources capacity. She has been involved in both large scale and small-scale recruitment from a project environment, to government, and to consulting. She has worked on a large-scale oil and gas project in Newfoundland and was successful in the process of recruiting and on-boarding hundreds of craft and staff personnel and meeting the requirements of the Provincial Industrial Benefits Agreements and Collective Agreement. Her involvement and work experience with the government has allowed her to become well-versed in the recruitment of unionized personnel and abiding by any Collective Agreements as it relates to recruitment. She has worked with two consulting companies as a Coordinator delivering various Human Resources functions such as recruitment, policy, and procedure development, on-boarding new staff, development of employment contracts and offer letters, and ensuring compliance with Labour Standards regulations.

Recruitment is one of the areas of Human Resources Janessa is most passionate about. She enjoys working with, and helping others, whether it be colleagues, clients, or candidates. Janessa has volunteered most of her life and plans to continue doing so. She also feels that giving back to her community is very rewarding and enjoys working in Human Resources.