HR Project Partners Welcomes New Staff, Opens Labrador Office, and Expands Services

The Road to Success is Paved with Hard Work… and Resilience

After a 20-year career as an employee for oil and gas and mining companies, Jacqui Winter first stepped out on her own in 2013 as a direct contractor under her own business name. By 2015, Jacqui had realigned her business into a professional services firm and renamed it to the brand it is known as today – HR Project Partners (HRPP).

The last four years have seen their share of challenges, uncertainty and lessons learned. With a focus on the resource development industry, starting a business while the industry was facing an economic downturn did not pave a smooth path for growth and consistent success. From starting in a small office space to moving back to a home-based office to balancing the staff complement to match the level work as it fluctuated, it has taken a tremendous amount of hard work, perseverance, resilience, and an undying dedication to client service for HRPP to be where it is today.

A Growing Team to Offer More

Despite a slowdown in the industry, HRPP remained focused on its clients in the mining sector. Developing those relationships and building a portfolio has led to serving several of the industry’s major players along with clientele in engineering, construction, oil and gas, as well as small-medium sized businesses and projects that are in start-up phase.

What started as a one-person business in its early days has now grown to a team of six professionals including Jacqui, the founder and president, and, at any given point, 20-60 contract personnel taking on roles within client organizations. Janessa Cole was the first employee to join Jacqui. She has been an integral member of the team since March 2015 in various capacities from working full-time when the firm began and moving to part-time as the business navigated change. However, in March 2017, work for HRPP began to steadily grow and Janessa came back full-time as Jacqui’s home office was moved to an outside office space once again. Janessa is now the Recruitment Lead focusing on what’s always been at HRPP’s core.

Continuing on a steady incline, HRPP welcomed Alyssa Delaney in July 2018 as Human Resources Assistant/Recruiter to support the recruitment team and help the office run smoothly.

As HRPP continued to grow and evolve, it became more and more important for the team to focus on the work at hand, and in January 2019, the firm was pleased to have Tracy Russell join as the Accounting Administrator. Tracy is responsible for accounting, payroll and travel accommodations for HRPP contractors working on rotations.

With the recruitment side of the business operating at full capacity, April 2019 saw the hiring of a new team member allowing for a refreshed focus on expanding the firm’s HR consulting services to respond to a growing need. The team is pleased to have Amy McCarthy as Senior Human Resources Consultant who supports clients with services such as salary and organization reviews, policy and procedure development, and general HR support. HRPP looks forward to seeing where this new offering can take the firm and its clients.

The sixth and newest employee, Jennifer Travers, marks yet another exciting milestone for HRPP. Jennifer is the Administrative Coordinator for HRPP’s new office in Labrador City, established in May 2019. It was a natural move for HRPP given the increase in business with existing clients in Labrador West, more and more contract personnel working in the area, and the new opportunities a new office can stimulate by having a presence on the ground. It has been a goal of HRPP for quite a while, finally being realized now that the timing is right.

Tapping into Partnerships

As seen in its name, HR Project Partners knows the value of partnerships. Recruitment is, and will continue to be, a key service offering for HRPP. To do so successfully in a highly competitive market, it is crucial to constantly expand networks and channels that will strengthen the search for the best candidates for each client. Because of this, in January 2018, HRPP partnered with WorkForce, Sudbury, Ontario based firm primarily focused on recruitment and contract personnel in the natural resource sector. By working in tandem, the two firms offer the best support to their clients.

Knowing Why

HRPP is proud to be a growing business based in Newfoundland and Labrador. As for what’s next, the focus will remain on strengthening its core business, growing new business lines, and developing its new location in Labrador. The team is not ready to stop here though, with their eyes on more expansion over the next few years. No matter what, one thing that will remain constant is HRPP’s commitment to professional, quality client service. HRPP is not a 9-5 firm. The team is always flexible in its approach to support and respond to clients to find the best possible solution, ensuring each of them feel just how important they are to the firm.

What’s the biggest lesson learned to date? For Jacqui, it has been learning that success comes from knowing your why; knowing why you’re doing what you’re doing whether you’re a business owner, leader or new to your career. The goal isn’t to just fill a role, it’s to ensure everything you’re doing aligns with you, your clients , your culture and your why.

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