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When it comes to running a successful business, many business owners struggle with critical HR areas.

Many companies need help when it comes to attracting, retaining and managing the right people.

At HR Project Partners, we are committed to offering high quality consulting and recruitment services to assist companies in reaching their goals when it comes to Human Resources and Labour Relations requirements.

Whether you are a small company that doesn’t require full time HR resources, or you are a large company that only requires some short term or specialized support, you’ve come to the right place.  Let HR Project Partners be your partner to assist you with any of your HR needs.

When it comes to project based businesses, business owners are now realizing that to successfully plan, execute, monitor and close out a project, they need the support of qualified professionals to develop HR Plans, and ensure that it follows the complete project lifecycle.

We work with you to identify your recruitment and retention needs and develop a strategic plan to find you the right candidates for the job. This includes full life cycle recruitment from preparation of job description to hiring the candidate, and all steps in between. We can also assist with development and presentation of new hire orientations.

Our signature process includes:

  • Preparation of job profile specifications and job advertisement writing;
  • Online and offline advertising, along with professional networking;
  • Actively conducting candidate searches through our own database;
  • Conducting passive candidate searches and recruitment;
  • Collection and screening of resumes and candidate applications;
  • Candidate initial screening (telephone screen);
  • Providing a list and details of selected candidates to review;
  • Conducting background checks as required (reference, education verification, professional association verification, criminal checks)
  • Setting up interview between candidates and client;
  • Liaising with Client and candidates and answering questions and sharing updates;
  • Conducting interviews on behalf of Client;
  • Negotiating salary and conditions;
  • Preparing and delivering Employment Offers; and
  • Providing progress reports to Client on recruitment efforts.

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Perhaps you don’t require full time support or would prefer to bring on contractors to do the job for you. We can provide qualified personnel to work for you at your workplace through HR Project Partners. Let us help you by providing the workforce while you focus on your core business. This service is great for short term and project requirements when companies don’t want to hire full time permanent staff.

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We provide full assistance with payroll, income tax remittances, business expense reporting and other remuneration support to our Clients for contractor personnel. By providing this service the Client is able to remain at arm’s length with the contractor and ensure that the insurances such as workers compensation and general liability are in place.

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This service includes conducting work-related reference checks, education verification, professional registration verification, criminal background checks and much more.

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Many companies get started without even having a set of policies and procedures that are considered the “rules of engagement” that should outline employer and employee expectations. When this is not clearly spelled out it could get employers into trouble. Employers are expected to follow a set of Labour Standards or laws that govern what employees are minimally eligible for. If you want to attract and retain good employees then having them start on their first day of employment with a set of “rules” or “policies” not only helps them know what they are entitled to but also helps the employer be protected to ensure they are following the Labour Standards for their jurisdiction.

HR Project Partners can develop your polices to ensure you are compliant with Labour Standards legislation. Contact us today to look at our Policy Packages we have available.

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Our staff have experience with project start-ups from a Human Resources perspective and can support you with project development and start up. This includes assistance with the development of a human resources plan as part of your overall management plan (Operations and/or Project) and support you at every step in the full project lifecycle from initiation to closure. Project start ups also require support with stakeholder and community engagement, recruitment, policy and procedure development, office set-up, HR and labour relations support, and project closure.

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Most medium to large scale construction and industrial projects now approved in the province require companies to negotiate provincial Industrial Benefits Agreements. These agreements include plans for ensuring first consideration is given to the recruitment of local qualified personnel from both diverse groups and the province, followed by other Canadians. It also includes providing full and fair opportunity to local manufacturers, service providers, consultants and contractors to participate in the supply of goods and services on a competitive basis. The management of these Industrial Benefits Agreements requires knowledge and experience in complying with the guidelines outlined in the Agreements from a human resources perspective.

HRPP can provide a service which will include the following:

  • Support to develop and negotiate Benefits agreements;
  • Support to implement and communicate Benefits agreements on your project; and
  • Support the setup of a reporting system to monitor and control adherence to the Benefits Agreement.

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Allow HR Project Partners to be your HR department.
Contact us when you have a question or need assistance in the field of Human Resources.

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HRPP is currently registered with CNESST in the province of Quebec. To access the certificate, please click here.

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