All organizations strive to build a quality workforce, however, there are many challenges that can make consistently hiring great people difficult. When budgets are tight and time is short, it can be difficult to keep candidates in your recruitment pipeline and ensure that you are screening your candidates against the same set of criteria every time. Very few organizations have the technology, processes, and people in place to ensure that this consistently happens. The success of your business depends on making the right hiring decisions.

When looking at the recruitment tools that your current organization uses, how many of the points below do you use?

  • Various candidate sourcing strategies
  • Applicant tracking system
  • Behavioural assessment tool
  • Resume screening
  • Dedicated recruiters
  • Standardized phone interview templates
  • In-person Interview templates
  • Data reporting on the success of all steps

You will start to see results in your recruitment strategy when all the above elements are a part of a process. However, building these components can often be very expensive and extremely time-consuming. Luckily, there are businesses that have developed these offerings that can be plugged into your organization immediately. Outsourcing recruitment makes a lot of sense. Below is a list of reasons why outsourced recruitment should be a part of your recruitment strategy.

1. Increased Candidate Quality. It can be quite challenging for organizations to find the right people who can fill in their open positions. It’s better to be particular about who can do such jobs and get the right person from the start, rather than hire and go through several people who just aren’t the right fit. If a company is serious about finding quality candidates, it may be a good idea to outsource recruiting so there will be a wider reach and to improve proper branding for both the company and the open positions.

2. Focus on the Core Business. Most companies have some sort of recruiting department, however, there will be times it could take away from the business’s core function. This is especially true for smaller companies which might not have an employee to work solely on recruitment. Outsourcing recruiting will help companies by having either a consultant or a dedicated recruiter do it all for them, allowing the company to do what they do best instead while waiting for the open positions to be filled.

3. Reduce Turnover Rates. A high turnover rate is not good and often signifies that there are bigger problems within. Sometimes turnover problems aren’t fixed by increased salary offers or doing better job interviews. In such cases, a company may outsource recruiting to a staffing company so turnover rates improve and fix other underlying hiring problems.

4. Cut Costs. If there’s a need to cut costs and the staff in the recruiting department cannot be justified, one of the best things to do is outsource. Outsourcing your recruiting to a staffing firm would look at the hiring process from a fresh perspective that would include everything from sourcing great potential candidates to onboarding new employees.

5. Scalable Recruiting Capacity. Many employers have busy seasons where they go through a hiring spree for seasonal employees. In this case, outsourcing recruitment is a great benefit to take advantage, as a lot of staffing companies have a recruiting process in place that can scale up during this busy season, and then scale back down at slower times. This also great for companies that are growing rapidly, that may need extra help in scaling their recruiting capacity to meet growth.

6. Consistent Recruitment Process. Candidates don’t like being unaware of what is happening or where they stand in the recruitment process. This problem could affect companies who have multiple entities or multiple departments, where each one could have their own hiring process. Outsourcing recruitment can help get everything together and make the recruitment process consistent across the entire organization. This makes it easier to know what’s going on and what everyone is doing when recruiting or hiring someone.

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by Dylan Miles