HR Project partners and nunacor joint venture agreement


HAPPY VALLEY-GOOSE BAY, LABRADOR – Nunacor Development Corporation and HR Project Partners Inc.
(HRPP) today announced the signing of a new joint venture agreement that pursues human resources
consultation and recruitment support throughout Labrador.

The joint venture agreement will focus mainly on providing permanent recruitment and temporary labour
supply services for the growing mining sector. This includes securing contracts awarded by the Iron Ore
Company of Canada (IOCC) in Labrador City. Nunacor and HRPP will also look for opportunities to expand
into other businesses and industries across Labrador. Every effort will be made to recommend qualified
NunatuKavut Community Council (NCC) members for job openings that become available as part of the joint

“This is an exciting agreement for Nunacor. Businesses in Labrador, especially those in the mining sector, are
experiencing significant labour constraints and we are proud to work with HRPP to become part of the
solution in helping address labour shortages. HRPP has built a solid reputation in this province as leaders in
human resources consulting and recruitment and Nunacor has made great strides in human resources
management, particularly within our own group of companies. This joint venture provides many positive
benefits, from helping to expand our own capacity to hopefully securing meaningful employment for NCC
— Andy Turnbull, CEO, Nunacor Development Corporation

“I have always valued the importance of building strong business relationships and supporting one another. I
value the support that HRPP can provide to the communities in which we work and giving back and building
those relationships is extremely important to me as a business owner. I look forward to the support that we
can give one another through this partnership and look forward to working together for the benefit of NCC
members throughout Labrador.”
— Jacqui Winter, President , HR Project Partners.

About Nunacor
Nunacor Development Corporation was incorporated in 2003 by the NunatuKavut Community Council (NCC).
Nunacor’s primary purpose is to develop business opportunities on behalf of NCC and generate sustainable
dividends for reinvestment in NunatuKavut communities. Nunacor strives for revenue growth through
strategic diversification, creating sustainable dividends and meaningful employment opportunities,
positioning Nunacor as a catalyst for employment and creating pride throughout the territory.
Our aim is that the businesses we operate, along with our strategic partnerships, will help increase the
business capacity in our communities by offering products, services, and employment. Our core values of
safety, quality, value, and sustainability work together to make investing in our community possible.
Nunacor is governed by a Board of Directors who are appointed by NCC. Continual effort is placed on
governance and strategic planning, while maintaining a deep respect for southern Inuit traditions, elders, and
NCC policies.
Nunacor is located in Happy Valley-Goose Bay and also has offices in Labrador City, Port Hope Simpson, and
Mary’s Harbour. Nunacor consists of both wholly owned companies as well as strategic partnerships in a
wide range of sectors, such as hospitality, real estate, fisheries, security, engineering, mining services and
renewable energy.

About NunatuKavut Community Council
In Inuttitut, NunatuKavut means “Our Ancient Land” and refers to the territory of Inuit who reside primarily
in south and central Labrador. The NunatuKavut Community Council (NCC) is a rights-based governing body
that represents approximately 6,000 NunatuKavut Inuit.
NCC is led by a Governing Council elected by its membership and includes an Elder and a Youth Councillor.
The primary function of NCC is to ensure the land, ice and water rights as well as the titles of its people are
recognized and respected. NCC is also fully present at the grassroots level in communities in its territory,
providing a variety of services to NunatuKavut Inuit living within and outside Labrador.
NCC’s governing vision demonstrates commitment to community and culture, seeking “to govern ourselves,
provide and care for one another, our families and our communities while nurturing our relationship with
our lands and waters.”
NCC is an affiliate of the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples, a national Indigenous representative body. Its head
office is located in Happy Valley-Goose Bay with offices in Labrador City, Cartwright, Charlottetown, Port
Hope Simpson and Mary’s Harbour.

About HR Project Partners Inc.
HR Project Partners (HRPP) was founded in 2013 and is a diverse woman-owned business offering services
within Canada. HRPP provides high quality consulting and recruitment services to assist small- and largesized companies in reaching their goals in Human Resources Management and Employee Relations. Those
services include: recruitment services and provision of contract personnel, retention and strategy support,
policy and procedure development, background checks and HR consulting and retainer support.
HRPP has staff who are certified with the Chartered Professionals in Human Resources, (CPHR), The
International Personnel Management Association – Canada, (IPMA-Canada) and the Institute of Professional
Management: Registered Professional Recruiters (RPR).
HRPP’s values are built on the foundation of respect, quality, professional conduct, ethics, accountability, and

Media contacts:
Andy Turnbull
Chief Executive Officer
Nunacor Development Corporation

Jacqui Winter
HR Project Partners Inc.